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On September 11, 2013
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An awesome plugin which allows us to get Feedback/Votes of our Readers by offering them a Voting Widget. It also makes us a lot of Traffic as It automatically posts our Articles to their Community Portal.

I’ve often thought about a service which let us get our Readers’ views in the easiest way! I have always given priority to my READERS rather than TRAFFIC. When I started Blogging in early 2013, After few days, This thing came to my mind – ‘Is there any Plugin which allow me to get my views and thinking of my Readers over an Article, Content or something like that with just a click of button’. What I done that time was quickly searched Google and WordPress Plugin Directory but couldn’t find any result, soothing to me :(

Than This thing just disappeared from my Mind. I totally forgot about it thinking that there’s nothing like that available. But I was wrong! Few days back, I was browsing through my friend’s Blog and suddenly my eyes stood on a small widget after the Post which was asking me to Rate that Post on a scale of 1 to 5.

I quickly clicked on ‘5’ and than It asked me a ‘Yes/No’ Question and I answered it with a Yes!

I really loved that widget and wanted to install it on my Blog as soon as possible. I quickly contacted that friend on whom’s Blog I found that widget. Soon what I got to know is that This is a Plugin for our favorite WordPress called FeedWeb!


I quickly installed it and If you guys have noticed, I’m using this FeedWeb widget on many of my Posts to get my Readers’ feedback from last 3 Days!

Now you guys may wonder that what exactly is FeedWeb?

Sure! I’m here to tell you that as It’s a FeedWeb Review ๐Ÿ˜‰

What is FeedWeb? FeedWeb Review!

FeedWeb is actually a Voting/Feedback plugin that allows us to get feedback/views of our readers on a particular Post on which we have installed the widget. It shows the readers, a small widget that asks them to rate that Post on 1 to 5 scale. After they rate it, They immediately get a question (set by Post Author) that is generally a ‘Yes/No’ question! After they choose their desired option on that ‘Yes/No’ question, The reader immediately get the Results of the Voting. The system admin also gets a stat of all the questions readers have answered!

FeedWeb Vote

FeedWeb Voting Results

I am using this plugin for 3 days now andย I’ve got only positive results. With this plugin I get to know what my readers think about my Blog and my Blog Posts, Which will obviously help me in improving TechBin.org!

In only 3 days days I’ve got around 40 votes on my Posts on which I’ve embedded the widget. Cool isn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜‰ย Readers also love to give feedback on anything when It’s so easy like that!

The Best thing: You also get Traffic using FeedWeb!

This is the top reason why I started using FeedWeb and now loving it! Who don’t want more & more Traffic to their websites/blogs? Well, If It’s the case with me, I love it ๐Ÿ˜€ I think all of us does. I never miss a single opportunity to get more Traffic to TechBin.org!

FeedWeb also ‘understand’ me and they have taken care of that! You also get traffic by using FeedWeb on your Blog. Actually, When you add a FeedWeb widget to any of your Post, It allows you to share that Post on FeedWeb.net , A community for FeedWeb users where they can share and promote their latest Articles and thus get Traffic from there!

ย FeedWeb Community

More than 1800+ websites are using FeedWeb so that means that they have a lot of users and your Articles have a lot of chance of exposure through their Community! According toย ย them, you can easily get around 50 visits a day on your Post that you have shared with the FeedWeb community! Going with the latest, Till now, More than 225,000 votes are collected through 12,500 blog posts! Well, that isn’t a small figure man ๐Ÿ˜€

On their WordPress Plugin Page, I just saw that they are just near to 50,000 Downloads! That’s awesome! :)

How to use FeedWeb?

Using FeedWeb is very easy you just need to do some settings according to you and just add the Widgets in the posts. Although, I’m here posting images to help you in using FeedWeb effectively :)

1. Install FeedWeb from WordPress Plugins Directory. Open your WordPress Dashboard, In the left pane, ย hover over ‘Plugins’ and select ‘Add New’.

Install FeedWeb 1

2. Now the Install Plugins page will open. Here search ‘FeedWeb’ and now It will show you search results!

Plugin Page

3. In the search results just click ‘Install Now’ in front of the FeedWeb plugin and It will be installed! (I am not getting that option as I have already installed it) After clicking Install Now, Just Activate it and It will be ready to work on your Blog!

Install FeedWeb 2

4. Now in the left pane of your WP Dashboard, you will find the Feedweb menu, that means you have successfully activated the Plugin!

Plugin Menu

5. To add FeedWeb in one of your Posts, Again in your WP Dashboard’s left pane, hover on ‘Posts’ and go to ‘All Posts’.

All Posts

6. Now choose the Post on which you want to add the widget and click on the ‘Add’ button in front of it to get the Insert Widget options.


7. Now you will get the ‘Insert Rating Widget’ popup. Just check the tick box on ‘Publish your Post on FeedWeb Readers Community Portal’ and leave everything untouched. Now click ‘Next’.


8. Now add ‘Summary’, ‘Category’ and ‘Tags’ of your Post and click ‘Next’.


9. Now choose a picture for your Post, This will be shown in the FeedWeb Community along with that particular Post of yours.


10. The last step! Now choose the question which you want to put-up in front of your Readers and finally click ‘Done’!


Now You will get the widget on the respective Post and now your Readers can give you feedback. Your Post will now also be published to the Feedback Community Portal so that you can grab off some good Traffic from there :)


1. Very easy to use, Allows your readers to simply vote your Post.

2. You can show the stats of voting to your Readers as well as you can see it yourself!

3. You get a lot of Traffic from their Community – FeedWeb.net just by embedding the widget to your Posts.

4. Their support service is very good and fast. You don’t have to wait for days to get replies from them, You get them in just hours :)

5. It includes an Activity Monitor which allows you to keep track on how many Readers have Voted, When they have voted etc. (as shown in the screenshot below).

6. It don’t put load on your Hosting Server as It’s a very well lite coded Plugin.

Got 40 Votes in 3 Days! :D

Got 40 Votes in 3 Days! :D



1. Not really a Con, but It works only in WordPress 3.0+ and PHP 5+.

2. The plugin don’t work smooth with Internet Explorer.

3. Currently, There’s no option to add the widget automatically to New Posts.

4. Only allows to create maximum 5 Widgets in 24 hours!

Download FeedWeb Plugin!

Visit FeedWeb.net (FeedWeb Community Portal)!

You can also watch the 3 Videos below to better understand FeedWeb!





Now, Please Share, Like, Tweet, +1, Comment, Vote here & do tell your Friends about FeedWeb (also support TechBin ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Have any queries related to FeedWeb? Well, The comment box below is waiting ๐Ÿ˜€

An awesome plugin which allows us to get Feedback/Votes of our Readers by offering them a Voting Widget. It also makes us a lot of Traffic as It automatically posts our Articles to their Community Portal.


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