5 Best Free Hosting Services For Newbies


Hosting is one of the most important thing to build your very own Website/Blog. The others being Domain and Themes.

While Domain comes for as cheap as $2-$3 per year and one can also find WordPress Themes for free, It is the Hosting on which most of the newbies get stuck on!

To get even the basic Shared Hosting, you’ll have to spend at least $5 a month which may not sound cool to everyone!

What to do than? Don’t build your own Website for all?

No! 😉

Fortunately, there are many FREE hosting services available for newbies who are just starting their projects and don’t want a Host that can handle 100k page views a month!

Free Hosting Services

These are the perfect solution to the people who don’t want to spend that much on their Blog before earning some from those 😀

If you are getting low traffic, these will not disappoint you. In fact, you’ll be surprised that you are getting ‘that’ type of service for free.

Here we go! The best free Hosting services.

#1 – 000WebHost

It is the best free Host, one can find. The complete package! It delivers quality hosting with No ads.

Other features include – 1.5GB Disk storage, 100GB Bandwidth, 5 add-on domains, 1 free low-level domain, 5 Email addresses, MySQL/PHP support, 99% up time guarantee, 1 FTP account, free site builder, Weekly limited backups, Cron jobs and 10 script 1-click installer!

What more you can ask for to a free Host? 😀

#2 – 5GBFree

Again one reliable hosting service providing features like cPanel, free 5GB Disk storage, FTP support, PHP/MySQL support.

The only drawback of 5GBFree is that they show Ads on your website :(

Other than that, It is a very good Host which I have personally used a long time ago and I was quite satisfied with their services.

#3 – FreeHosting

The 3rd one on my list. FreeHosting provides all and all good hosting service for the people who want to kick start their projects!

They have some great features like No ads, No file size limit, Unlimited storage, POP3/SMTP/IMAP Email support, Cron jobs support, FTP/CGI/MySQL/Python/PHP support.

What more? 😀

#4 – Biz.nf

They serve free users with 250MB Disk storage, 5GB Bandwidth, Webmail support, FTP support, PHP/MySQL support, 1-click installers, 3 FREE .co.nf domains! :)

I really think It’s quite a good deal for Free. 😛

Biz.nf is worth trying for everybody.

#5 – ByetHost

They have 250MB storage, 6BG bandwidth, 3 Email accounts, PHP/MySQL support, FTP support and 1-click installers to offer for free.

Again, I used to be a user of them and believe me, they were real good (at the price of Free).

Bonus: #6 – Hostamania

Hostamania is a relatively new Web hosting service founded by Hulk Hogan and TechAssets.

Although they are not a free host, on the occasion of Christmas and New Year, they are offering Shared hosting packages for free for 6 months.

After 6 months, you can simply renew it If you like them or simply transfer your Website to any other Host 😛

Their are not many reviews available online for Hostamania but I still think they should be reliable and good.

So what are you waiting for? Go and kick start your projects! 😀



    • says

      You are right, Karnal.
      Web Hosting is the most important thing for a Blog/Website to work properly!
      As I said, these Web Hosting services provide decent quality Hosting appropriate for Newbies :)

  1. says

    Nice article for checking website live for free.

    All of them are goo but I prefer 000WebHost.com cause it provide support for asp.net and MS Sql,

    Thanks for sharing.

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